Not sure what I’m doing with all these social media thingies, maybe I’m leaving a intricate trail of remnants for my future self, or other folk that might be interested in this strange person that existed/reveled in obscurity. Anywho, here’s a poem that I wrote while I was in Mexico. 



The lady had a hooked hand.

Sanguine silk spilled down her body

as if she had opened a vein.

Femme fatale through and though.

With her hook, or with a look

she has ripped through many a heart.


The man with a wooden chastity

died in a fire.

As a matter of irony

it was on his wedding eve.

And his bride with a hooked hand

never received the key.


The child was to despise in time

and in his time to be despised,

A mask of human skin.

Obra certainly, for his kinsman.


The daughter never known,

the only one truly worthy of the throne.

As she never craved it, but understood

the responsibility that came with it,

as she should. . .

Lucky upbringing,

Perhaps because she was brought up

with just enough uncertainty.


People made of glass,

Sparkling and fragile

to the last.

Treated like divinity,

As if they were more important

than you or she.

The glass princess,

Tempered and unseen.





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They have even built their walls around buildings, despite the things they are protecting with walls what are the same thing; also walls.

2 January 2018
Era of the asshole presidents

A wintry day in San Miguel is like a blasé wet day in March in lands where I grew up. The sky is sour with clouds and the chill that normally would ebb, remains. Like a guest that you know you gotta see, but can easily overstay their welcome. The whole day is unplanned and unfiltered. Sarah and Garth are gone for the next few, one of them is getting their stitches out. To my right, through the many walls there is a dog going through something traumatic, as it seems to do everyday about last hour, and then the fallout of that trauma plays out for about two more hours. Next door the lady with a french accent has a guest. She wanders in and out of her apartment, trading words with her friend in the other building, a singer/writer/performer with excellent pipes. A cute little dog has run in and out of our blue portal, it never barks, a only leaves a greenish turd in the gravel behind. The cats are all just really amusingly freaked out.

The time is now 10:58

Time seems to stretch with the sound of the seasons. With the passage of accomplishments. I really want to talk about important things, but I don’t want to talk about certain things, which means that at least some of them must be important. But if I’m not interested in them then how will I know that they are important. I really have no interest in imaginary things that can change people’s lives so drastically, perhaps that’s why I am a fool, but I really have no interest in counting my pennies, and I wonder if I can be around people or a person that can count forever because I’m too interested in how to count forever and beyond where and what I eat then I want to count only enough. For I am prone to waste, and I understand I will be in danger of wasting away if things end up poorly, but I’ve always been poor except when I walked for thousands of miles, even though I had no money to call my own, except for when I did and what can I build with that.
Well I certainly don’t want to build more walls than necessary, and if it could be that all walls disappear, that might provoke beneficial change but only in the long run, because walls protect from reasonable things to be protected by, like cold air, rain is another thing the walls above you protect you from, normally called ceilings or techos and even though they are sealed they are also fallen. the walls are a closing in and they have been building them for centuries, and I might be screen out eventually but that’s because I value freedom as much as I can and as soon as I figure that out I must try to be ingratiatingly steady. I am afraid that the game of chance in randomly assigning resources is the most honest most distrustful and we will still need to move forward and onward, like quadruple accounting but better

The time is now 11:11

When time is forseeably limited, everything seems to become much more precious. And while I do enjoy most of the times when I forget this, it also makes me guilty when it seems as though time is squandered. How I value my life, I can not ask a price. I will tell you how much I need to survive, but if that’s provided, and that’s all that’s provided, I will move on; and I may deserve nothing more, maybe even less, but who are you to decide that?

furthest from my origin then I’ve ever been. Soon I’ll be even further.

We are all further then we’ve ever been, as we fall in a spiral through the universe.

Happy New Year


29 November 2017


    The days haven taken on a semblance of routine. Which isn’t a really set in stone routine. Just more of a guideline to hope the day goes by faster. It’s not that I haven’t been moved to write, it’s that everything I’ve written for the past nearly two years has been pretty incoherent. The reasons I like something, may not be the reasons you would like it also. 

The mornings start out pretty chilly. But it’s not a chill that penetrates the bones, just firmly through the full thickness of skin. Relative, to the naked sunlit air, that’s a staggering drop. It reminds me of autumn. Not just autumn here, but autumns past. Autumns at home.

I know that it’s normal to compare and contrast a strange place. Lord knows I’ve done that plenty of times. And, I’ve definitely gone through that for this place, where I’m at now, Mexico.

The autumns of home are days wide. The stretches of time in which the cool air settles gradually above the landscape are not as erratic as this place. Nights used to settle like gradually folding back the bedsheets upon waking in a bed. But now, a strangely biting chill settles and steeps in by morning. Back home, the stretches of cold days gradually become long a longer. Here, the temperature drops with the night. Better to be tucked in when the sun goes down.

Last night, talking to one of the neighbors, a guy around my age, transplanted from California, one of five expats I know of that have fluency in Spanish here. “Dude, I’ve been working mornings bro, nine to five. It’s good to feel like a real person.”

“A real person works nine to five eh?” I respond. My thoughts swirl around the idea that there must be a lot of unreal people out in the world.

Of course he didn’t mean it like that, “I just mean that 12 to 2 in the morning is a rough schedule.” I nod, and strangely boast about my current situation. Which is exactly what the other neighbor does, constantly. And that should not be my influence when interacting nicely with people who genuinely believe themselves good.

I, of course, feel like I’m starting to rot from the inside out, which is exactly what tends to happen when I stay in one place for too long.  I’ve also never actually tasted a real gooseberry, just white gummi-bears.

Sarah and Garth’s light was on, I worry about our journey ahead, and the journey this has been so far. An eclipse, interrupted by a cloud. To a country, interrupted by a language.

I’m trying my best to learn Spanish as quickly as I can, but there’s a lot of distraction and ideal challenging that must still take place.  And, another ticking clock has begun. Something like another month. This will be my most challenging ticking clock yet, because while a date has been mentioned and a timeframe set, it all can evaporate in the wistfulness of intention. Four weeks can turn into forty minutes, so I must be ready to continue on.


This may be controversial, but please read my lengthy explanation. I believe it spells everything out succinctly and with aplomb. I am open to courteous discussion.



“Richard Paul “Rick” Astley (/ˈrɪk ˈæstli/; born 6 February 1966) is an English singer, songwriter, musician, and radio personality. His 1987 song, “Never Gonna Give You Up” was a No. 1 hit single in 25 countries, and won the 1988 Brit Award for Best British Single.[1][2] By the time of his retirement in 1993, Astley had sold approximately 40 million records worldwide.[3][4][5]

Astley made a comeback in 2007, becoming an Internet phenomenon when his video “Never Gonna Give You Up” became integral to the meme known as “rickrolling“.[6] Astley was voted “Best Act Ever” by Internet users at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2008.[7] His 2016 album 50 debuted in the UK at No. 1.[8]

Early life

Astley was born on 6 February 1966 in Newton-le-Willows in Lancashire, the fourth child of his family. His parents divorced when he was five, and Astley was brought up by his father.[9] His musical career started when he was ten, singing in the local church choir.[10] During his schooldays, Astley formed and played the drums in a number of local bands, where he met guitarist David Morris.[2][11] After leaving school at sixteen, Astley was employed during the day as a driver in his father’s market-gardening business and played drums on the Northern club circuit at night in bands such as Give Way – specialising in covering Beatles and Shadows songs – and FBI, which won several local talent competitions.[10]


Signing with Stock Aitken Waterman

In 1985, Astley was performing as a drummer with a soul band named FBI, with Morris on guitar. They were a well-known local band writing and performing their own music, gigging in pubs and clubs. When FBI’s lead singer left the band, and Morris left to concentrate on his career in hairdressing,[11] Astley offered to be the lead vocalist. This was when he was noticed by the record producer Pete Waterman, who persuaded him to come to London to work at the Pete Waterman Limited (PWL) recording studio,[2] with RCA Records publishing his records. Under the tutelage of the production team of Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman, known as Stock Aitken Waterman (SAW), Astley was taught about the recording process and groomed for his future career, supposedly starting off as the recording studio “tea boy“. The reason for Astley to be hired as a “tape op” was to overcome his shyness.[12] SAW also hired most of FBI, including Morris as a guitarist/songwriter.[11]


His first single was the little-known “When You Gonna”, released as a collaboration with Lisa Carter, with little promotion. It did not chart. His first solo offering was “Never Gonna Give You Up“, recorded on New Year’s Day 1987, and released eight months later, in August.[13] Astley’s distinctive rich, deep voice combined with dance-pop, made the song an immediate success,[14] spending five weeks at the top of the British charts and becoming the year’s highest-selling single. The song was also a worldwide number one hit, topping the charts in 24 other countries, including the U.S., Australia, and Germany. It would become the first of 13 (worldwide) top 30 hit singles for him. “Never Gonna Give You Up” won Best British single at the 1988 BPI awards (now called the BRIT Awards),[15] and he performed the hit in front of a global audience of 100 million.[2][16]

His next single was “Whenever You Need Somebody“, which was released in October. The single was a recycled Stock, Aitken, Waterman song, originally recorded by O’Chi Brown in 1985. It became a successful European hit, reaching No. 1 in seven countries, including Germany and Sweden, following up the success of his debut single. It also reached No. 3 in the UK. It was not released in North America.[17]

In November 1987, the album Whenever You Need Somebody, containing four tracks written by Astley, also reached number one in the UK and Australia, and No. 10 in the U.S. It was certified 4x Platinum in the UK and Canada, and 2x Platinum in the US. Overall Whenever You Need Somebody sold 15.2 million copies worldwide, making him the top-selling British act of the year.[2]

In December 1987, Astley released a cover version of the Nat King Cole classic “When I Fall in Love“. This single is mainly remembered for a closely fought contest for UK Christmas Number 1. Rivals EMI, hoping to see their act the Pet Shop Boys reach No. 1, re-released the version by Nat King Cole.[18][19] This led to a slowdown of purchases of Astley’s version, allowing the Pet Shop Boys to reach the coveted top spot. Despite selling over 200,000 copies and gaining a Silver certification from the BPI,[20] it peaked in the UK at No. 2 for two weeks. The re-release of Nat King Cole’s version reached No. 4. The B side was a dance number “My Arms Keep Missing You“, which was successful in mainland Europe.

Astley’s fourth single release would be “Together Forever” in 1988, reaching No. 2 in the UK. It was denied the top spot by Neighbours sensation Kylie Minogue‘s debut “I Should Be So Lucky“.[21] “Together Forever” was more successful in the U.S., topping the charts, making it his second U.S. chart topper,. In 1989 he was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist, but lost to Tracy Chapman.

His fifth and final release from his debut album was “It Would Take a Strong Strong Man“. It was a more soulful song, when compared to his other releases, and was mainly intended for the North American market. Thus, it was not released in Britain. It was another hit for Astley, reaching No. 10 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and No. 1 in Canada. During the period between his debut release and his fifth single, Astley outsold every other artist in the world.[22] In the UK, he was in the Top 40 every week for the first 6 months of his career.[2]

A fire in the PWL studios destroyed much of Astley’s new material,[2] causing a delay in the release of his second album. Hold Me in Your Arms was released in January 1989, containing five singles, and reached No. 8 in the UK and No. 19 in the U.S., being certified platinum in the UK and gold in the U.S.

Rick Astley was presented by Stock Aitken Waterman as a boy next door type act. After leaving PWL, Astley changed his image to a more mature and moody musician.

Astley’s relationship with British media deteriorated significantly after the release of Whenever You Need Somebody, with the media calling him a “puppet” of Stock Aitken Waterman,[15] although Astley had written five of his new album’s tracks. The negative press inevitably affected the sales of his singles.[23] The first single from the album to be released was “She Wants to Dance with Me“, a number written by Astley. It was another successful single, reaching No. 6 on both the UK and US charts. “Take Me to Your Heart” was the next single to be released from the album. It reached No. 8 in the UK and was not released in the U.S. “Hold Me in Your Arms“, a ballad written by Astley, reached No. 10 in the UK and was also not released in North America. The next two singles released from the album were intended for the North American market. “Giving Up on Love” and a cover of The Temptations song “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” charted at No. 38 and No. 89 in the U.S. respectively.

In December 1989, Astley set off on his first world tour, touring 15 countries including the UK, U.S., Australia, and Japan.[2] By the end of the tour, he was tiring of the negative press, and wanted to explore alternative paths as a musician. Thus, he left his producers Stock Aitken Waterman, and RCA records bought out his contract with PWL.

Switching to soul and adult contemporary

By 1990, Astley had parted company with Stock Aitken Waterman. He also decided to leave his dance-pop days behind him, moving towards his passion, soul. This shift in musical genre led him to change his image too, ditching the boy next door look, presenting himself as a mature and passionate musician. His third album, Free, was released in 1991 containing collaborations with Elton John.[15] The album contained three singles, and reached No. 9 in the UK and No. 31 in the US.

He achieved one more major success with the 1991 balladCry for Help“, which reached No. 7 in both the UK and the US. The other two singles from Free were not as successful. “Move Right Out” reached No. 58 in the UK and No. 81 in the US; and “Never Knew Love” reached No. 70 in the UK and did not chart in the US. Free would mark the end of Astley’s successful period, and “Cry for Help” would be the last Astley single to make the Top 10 in either the UK or US to date.

His next album, Body and Soul, was released in 1993, and was largely an Adult Contemporary album. By the time the album was released, Astley had decided to retire from the music industry. As a result, the album did not get a lot of promotion,[2] not charting in the UK but managing to make the Billboard 200, peaking at No. 182. The two singles, “The Ones You Love” and “Hopelessly“, performed very well on the U.S. adult contemporary chart, peaking at No. 19 and No. 4 respectively. “The Ones You Love” peaked at No. 48 in the UK but did not chart in the U.S. “Hopelessly” also crossed over and peaked at No. 28 on the US Billboard 100, staying in the US top 40 for five weeks, and No. 33 in the UK. It was named as one of the most performed songs at the 1994 BMI Awards,[24] and is one of the few songs to achieve BMI ‘Million-Air’ status.[25]


After 1993, Astley retired from the music industry at the age of 27, deciding that family life was more important. During Astley’s time out of the music business, he raised his daughter Emilie, born in 1992. Thus, for much of the 1990s and early 2000s, Astley remained largely out of the spotlight. Astley would later state that this was due to his growing frustration with business side of things.[26] During this period he co-wrote “Mission Statement”, a track for former Marillion singer Fish‘s 1999 solo album Raingods with Zippos.[27][28]

Return to singing

Almost 10 years after Body and Soul, Astley returned to the music industry, signing a co-publishing deal with Polydor and releasing Keep It Turned On in 2001. The album featured the single “Sleeping“, which became a minor club hit, thanks to a set of remixes from U.S. house producer Todd Terry. Keep It Turned On was only released in Continental Europe.[2]

Astley’s first compilation album, Greatest Hits, was released in 2002, and reached No. 16 on the UK Albums Chart. With no promotion from Astley, it sold over 100,000 copies and was certified Gold by the British Phonographic Industry.[2] In 2003 he charted at No. 10 in the UK as a songwriter with “Shakespeare’s (Way With) Words” performed by short-lived boy band One True Voice.

In 2004, Astley toured for the first time in 14 years, which led him to a record contract with Sony BMG.[2]

In March 2005, Astley released the album Portrait, in which he covered many classic standards such as “Vincent“,[29]Nature Boy” and “Close to You“. Astley and Sony BMG were unhappy with the result so the album was poorly promoted,[2] yet it managed to reach No. 26 on the UK Albums Chart.

In April 2008, the album The Ultimate Collection: Rick Astley was released by Sony BMG, and by early May it had reached #17 on the UK Top 40 Albums Chart,[30] again with no promotion by Astley.

In September 2008, Astley was nominated for the ‘Best Act Ever’ award at the MTV Europe Music Awards.[7] The push to make Astley the winner of the award continued after the announcement, as did efforts to encourage MTV to invite Astley to the awards ceremony.[31] On 7 November, following a massive Internet campaign by fans, Astley won the award in Liverpool, but was not there in person to receive it. Perez Hilton collected the prize on his behalf.[32] On the back of this, “Never Gonna Give You Up” returned to the UK charts, over 21 years after it was released, peaking at No. 73 during the Christmas period.

Astley performing in Copenhagen, Denmark, July 2009

During the late 2000s, Astley continued touring across the globe, touring with various other 1980s acts, such as Boy George and Belinda Carlisle, in the Here and Now Tour.[2] In April 2009, he wrote an article for Time about moot.[33]

Astley was a special guest throughout Peter Kay‘s new tour, The Tour That Doesn’t Tour Tour…Now On Tour, from 27 April to 22 May 2010. To mark the occasion, Rick Astley released a new single “Lights Out” on his own label on 7 June 2010.[34] This was Astley’s first release in the UK Singles Chart in 17 years. It was well received by radio, peaking No. 15 on the UK Airplay Charts, but it failed to become a commercial hit, reaching only No. 97 on the UK Singles Chart.

During the summer of 2010, Astley became a radio DJ for London’s Magic FM, presenting a Sunday show.[35][36] The initial contract was for eight weeks, but he proved popular with listeners and his contract was extended till the end of the year.[37] In December 2010, Astley co-hosted the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 with Peter Kay,[38] and in March 2011 appeared in Comic Relief‘s Red Nose Day telethon on the BBC.[39][40]

In April 2016 Astley released “Keep Singing“, from his forthcoming album, 50. Interviewed by Amanda Holden on the Lorraine show on 7 April, Astley explained that it was turning 50 which had prompted him to release the single. He said, “It was a big milestone. I got back in the studio and friends were telling me the material I was working on was pretty good. So I decided to go for it.”[41][26][42] On 31 May, the release date for Astley’s 50 was revealed to be 10 June 2016.[43] The album reached number one on the Official UK Album Sales charts in the week of 17 June 2016 to 23 June 2016.[8]

In September 2016 Astley released the single “Dance”, together with an official video.[44]

Rickrolling Internet phenomenon

Astley rickrolling the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 2008

In 2007,[45] Rick Astley became the subject of a viral Internet meme known as rickrolling. In this prank, Web users are tricked into seeing Rick Astley’s video “Never Gonna Give You Up” when they follow a link that claims to be something else.[46] Views of this video on various websites are now in the hundreds of millions. The phenomenon became so popular that on 1 April 2008, YouTube pranked its users by making every single featured video on its front page a rickroll.[47]

On 27 November 2008, Astley participated in a live rickroll during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, while the Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends characters were singing “Best Friend”, the theme from the 1970s TV series The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. Midway through the song, Astley emerged from the float and began to lip sync his signature hit. At the end of Astley’s performance, Cheese (a character from Foster’s) shouted out “I like rickrolling!”.[48][49]

Although the video garnered millions of hits on YouTube, Astley has earned almost no money from the meme. By 2010 he had received only US$12 in royalties from YouTube for his performance share.[50]

Personal life

Rick Astley is married to Lene Bausager, and the couple have a daughter, Emilie, who was born in 1992. Astley met Lene when she was working as a promoter with RCA in 1988.[9] Lene is a film producer, and was nominated for the 2006 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film for the Sean Ellis film Cashback, where she was the main producer.[51][52] The family lives in the London suburb of Richmond.[53]



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Nov 5, 2016

There is a scale of arrestability in the protest circuits I’ve been in. As a part of a medic check-in you would gauge with your buddy where your team is best placed and what risks you are willing to take. It’s a color scale, with Green being little to no risk of danger, and Red being you are most certainly going to be attacked and/or arrested. Today I did not have a buddy, I just put my faith in Harrisburg that I would run into people on the street. Ran into a hard edge today. Most of my protest today was purely support, but because I felt extremely unsafe while doing it, I was most definitely and firmly in the yellow.

So, I didn’t have a buddy today, I was definitely not a medic in this demonstration. There were six teams for about 100 to 150 folks. Sure they were bloc’ed up, but they were still serving in medic roles. I remember hearing that and getting really excited and asking if there was a medic collective in the area. There isn’t, but within the Antifa I guess there is enough with the training, that we should had no worries more than normal.

I was in a privileged position, because, at everyone with an active part in the Neo-Nazi Rally, Peacekeeper folk, and Anti-fascist demonstrators’s best ideals, they were doing it for me. That’s the only reasonable way that I can believe that everyone was human. Well, except for the NeoNazis, ’cause I’m non-white, non-christian they would rather me and my kind exterminated, fuck those guys.

The tactic chosen by most people today was of black boc. Most of the time, I could just write them off as being ridiculous because the massive amount of regular people who were behind them. In the streets of Chicago, thousands of people, wearing a shirt, expressing frustration and anger at the everyday injustices that civilized society demands that you ignore, or play off with humor, or accept. Ahead of them was the thin dark line, a sprawling angry warrior edge, the ones who could be violent.

The masters of improvised weaponry. The folk who would do anything to protect and fight if the time came to fight. Their only true protection is their anonymity, by the black that they wear, their fists, and their sticks and stones. Though they are capable of so much more. Their demonstration is that they must show that they are willing to be violent for the right cause. Nazism is dead, Neo-Nazis are trying to ressurect a system of governance based on fear and hatred, that dehumanizes and oppresses those that do not think like they do. There must be that hard edge against a racist fascist society. As wildfires that burn uncontrollably and threaten the places where people live, fire must be met with fire sometimes.

The second most worn costume used tactic was that of the peacekeepers using a very ordered hierarchy of roles. There were riot cops, there were normal Unis, there were horse cops. They switched lines back and forth depending on how riled up the Antifa was getting. There was a single white drone with a red light that buzzed over the crowd a couple times, like a grocer using a barcode scanner. A couple more lines of cops marched in file out of the capitol and in groups up and down the capitol steps. There were several police vans at the end of State Street, with pockets of plainclothes roaming the edges here and there. Though my continuing worry is that a few of them were creeping Neo-Nazis. I think they did well today, they sat there silently, though their expression were hard to ignore as I chatted with a guy that I met to try to relax myself. It was comforting to connect to another in mutual wingnuttiness.

The fourth most worn costume, (because there were still more people who were wearing whatever they had), the pale imitation Nazis did not live up to a prompt German sense of efficiency as they showed up about 20 minutes late. They were afforded much space from the rest of the city. There was no one who gathered who was going to listen to them speak, except for the media allowed beyond the police line and their own. To my relief it was a pitiable amount of about few dozen. My impression is that the Neo-Nazis were cocky that they didn’t get attacked and were able to spout their nonsense on the capitol steps to a crowd that hated them because they were protected by the government that they rail against. The Neo-Nazi at the podium shouted into his bull horn, but if he was channeling the Furhur, all that I ever managed to hear was regurgitated Trump rhetoric. #MAGA #buildthewall So for those who still are going to vote for trump, you have Neo-Nazis on your side, how does that make you feel?

There was a wedding that was going on, that now have memories of our protest for a lifetime. A man in a zany gender ambiguous Hitler costume sauntered around the crowd, a vegetable peeler sticking out of the top of his helmet. Little Amps sucks because they closed their shop. A family that I met and talked with briefly offered to get me a coffee. The Mother was an nice hippy lady that said it reminded her of the 60s, though she was surprised at how aggressive our side was being. A very stupid Neo Nazi, tattooed and shirtless had a signpost broken over his back, he was chased off by about 50 Black Bloc, for the slightest of moments I feared that he was going to have the shit kicked out of him. That moment passed as now I have no care for if he did or did not.

All I did today was cook a bunch of food with my family and offered it to the Black Bloc. Just some bean and rice burritos with a little bit of homemade salsa. I livestreamed what I could, but mostly I was just paying attention to the people around me and took in the revel of rebellious attitude. And when the Nazis left, and we were dispersing, I was the huge nerd who brought garbage bags and reminded everyone to take their garbage with them. I cleaned up a few bottles and broken sticks, because if there’s one thing I know about protesting, never underestimate the propaganda that ‘they cleaned up after themselves’ reflects upon your movement. I could only ask, and a couple individuals helped out. People were thankful for the food and drink. I was happy to help just a little bit, even if I live in a position of unreal idealism. This is my home, after all.

      Today, folk were lamenting over the fact that the food they had purchased in the past, was of higher quality and far less expensive. My restraint faltered and I just blurted out one word in a flippant tone, ( a la “That’s-) “Capitalism.”

     The responses:
“You know, it doesn’t have to always go there.”
“You should feel lucky you live in a Capitalist Society.”

     Esprit De L’escalier: Perhaps I miss-speak when I say that “I long for a world without currency.” That is not technically true, because I understand the value of quantifying resources with a fungible ledger system. It streamlines many things, such as allowing the trading of goods, services and ideas to be less complicated. As I talk, I want to say I long for a world without capitalism then veer off to the less emotionally loaded word. Capitalism is a system that penalizes empathy and rewards exploitation. Where one can shed human decency and actively practice coercion and deception as ‘just doing good business.’
     I am not very good at quickly making my ideas into words, which is why I do not like to argue or debate under the pressure of having to yell my ideas over other people speaking. To explain what I meant with more than one word: Sacrificing a bit of quality, for less expense is normal and logical practice by large corporations, coupled with the fact that there are more hungry mouths than there ever were before means that the price must go up to stem the demand. Tripled by the over extracting of the food resource which feeds into the lack of supply with ever growing demand in an unsustainable cycle of inflating prices, as wages have stagnated over the past decades, except for those at the top of the pyramid whose income keeps going up up and up.
     I just said one word, and was immediately set upon as if I used the lord’s name in vain around Orthodox folk. Basically, I was told to shut up, and that I should not think such abberant thoughts. Perhaps what I mean to say is that “I long for a world where there is no need for anyone to obsess over how much currency they have.” It is a distraction from truly important things like the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the places where we live. Gradually the ideas of the past must give way to a better change for all, or the planet will abide without our species.

So apparently, it’s easy for me to post poetry.  That’s a good start. It’s been about a year since I’ve posted any prose anywhere. I think my many approaches have been plagued with false starts and many more failure to follow-throughs. Can’t really coherently explain why, I dunno, emotional shit. . . 

I just found where I stashed my journals, so, perhaps it will be a wellspring to encourage the habit of writing. 

This fell out of one of the books.

Office Place Rules


  •  Steal what’s plentiful and valueless
    • Ask, if it’s not.
  • Ask, If you can’t find something.
    • Answer with truth, if asked why.
  • Ask for help, if necessary.
    • Absolutely, necessary.
  • All meetings must have unique greetings.
    • If they don’t, then just start with ‘Hi!’
  • (: