Today, folk were lamenting over the fact that the food they had purchased in the past, was of higher quality and far less expensive. My restraint faltered and I just blurted out one word in a flippant tone, ( a la “That’s-) “Capitalism.”

     The responses:
“You know, it doesn’t have to always go there.”
“You should feel lucky you live in a Capitalist Society.”

     Esprit De L’escalier: Perhaps I miss-speak when I say that “I long for a world without currency.” That is not technically true, because I understand the value of quantifying resources with a fungible ledger system. It streamlines many things, such as allowing the trading of goods, services and ideas to be less complicated. As I talk, I want to say I long for a world without capitalism then veer off to the less emotionally loaded word. Capitalism is a system that penalizes empathy and rewards exploitation. Where one can shed human decency and actively practice coercion and deception as ‘just doing good business.’
     I am not very good at quickly making my ideas into words, which is why I do not like to argue or debate under the pressure of having to yell my ideas over other people speaking. To explain what I meant with more than one word: Sacrificing a bit of quality, for less expense is normal and logical practice by large corporations, coupled with the fact that there are more hungry mouths than there ever were before means that the price must go up to stem the demand. Tripled by the over extracting of the food resource which feeds into the lack of supply with ever growing demand in an unsustainable cycle of inflating prices, as wages have stagnated over the past decades, except for those at the top of the pyramid whose income keeps going up up and up.
     I just said one word, and was immediately set upon as if I used the lord’s name in vain around Orthodox folk. Basically, I was told to shut up, and that I should not think such abberant thoughts. Perhaps what I mean to say is that “I long for a world where there is no need for anyone to obsess over how much currency they have.” It is a distraction from truly important things like the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the places where we live. Gradually the ideas of the past must give way to a better change for all, or the planet will abide without our species.