So apparently, it’s easy for me to post poetry.  That’s a good start. It’s been about a year since I’ve posted any prose anywhere. I think my many approaches have been plagued with false starts and many more failure to follow-throughs. Can’t really coherently explain why, I dunno, emotional shit. . . 

I just found where I stashed my journals, so, perhaps it will be a wellspring to encourage the habit of writing. 

This fell out of one of the books.

Office Place Rules


  •  Steal what’s plentiful and valueless
    • Ask, if it’s not.
  • Ask, If you can’t find something.
    • Answer with truth, if asked why.
  • Ask for help, if necessary.
    • Absolutely, necessary.
  • All meetings must have unique greetings.
    • If they don’t, then just start with ‘Hi!’
  • (: