Flagstaff Arizona is a nice quiet mountain town in the desert. The journey here from Albuquerque is already filled with people and their stories like universes colliding. It’s been more than a month since I’ve written because I’ve already been to Albuquerque and am now headed on.

Fried Food Nihilism and Sewing Sound Systems


Seeing my old roommates again was a trip. We still got along and they are both doing fine.  They have a collection of blu-rays to challenge the very gods.  Unfortunately, pants maintenance took precedent, and probably prevented us from doing more outside activities together. Also it was frigid, and the first snow I’ve seen since New Year’s Eve in Tucson.

Julie, even in these subfreezing temperatures, had the habit of going out onto the back porch, which theirs is huge, and nice, and I hope they’re making every use of that barbecue, because that was really nice too. She has taken to watching the birds in their backyard, which was a nice sized backyard. Longer that Stacie’s but not as wide. I could probably fit five to seven garden beds there, maybe three if I was going for a spread out/permaculture set up. Julie also didn’t like being cooped up in the house, which I get.  I’m going to have to go camping with them.

Nathan showed me his nerd room, I mean recording room. His youtube hobby has really blossomed into actual devoted space for it. I also like his comic, a supernatural western is not a genre that gets much play. I can only think of a handful of movies, that even get close to the subject.  Sure it was a bit scattered in narrative, and his main female character just had to be nude at least once in each issue, because she’s a whore and doesn’t have any of those social hangups.  But at least she’s a strong female character, and much more interesting to me than whoever the male protagonist was.

I organized their record collection which was mostly music that I remember from growing up with Nate, a few choice movie soundtracks, and what I think is an unhealthy amount of Christmas music records.  Needless to say, that Nate and Julie have amassed quite a lot of stuff. But they are as I remember them, a little bit older, a lotta bit more cynical, but still a good deal pragmatic, if fatalistic in their world view.

I did eat a lot of really good fried and greasy food while with them, which was a bonus. I made a red curry, for them, Julie, being the grateful one, really liked it. Nate, the bastard, covered it in Sriracha, next time, four habanero peppers, or a whole bushel of chili peppers my friend. . . We also went to an outdoor bar where we had a few pints of craft beer. My favorite was the beer that also tasted like grapefruit.  And we went to an english pub/eatery where the food was good, but the service was pretty terrible. They still go there though because the food really was that awesome.

The Chinese food that we ordered out for on the last night was acceptable but nothing compared to No. 1 in Edwardsville. It wouldn’t even stand against Golden Star in Harrisburg. We got a bunch of veggies and batter with the intention of frying them in their deep fryer, but ran out of time because it was time to head up to Kentucky. Instead of dropping me off on the highway, which would have been perfectly reasonable, they drove me all the way to Ver Sailles. (because we’re in amur’yka it’s pronounced ver ”sails”)

From the pictures they posted on the facebooks it seemed liked those veggies were delicious.

The night they dropped me off in Kentucky, it began to snow.