So sitting here in a fastfood restaurant in Shreveport Louisiana about to head out to find a camping spot, but I’m gonna try to sum up Albequerque to here, with nonstop typing for 20minutes. ( don’t worry there is a post in the works about the bus ride from Tucson to ABQ in the queue, maybe I’ll finish it, or maybe never. )

The time is now 16:29

Abq is a town that makes me feel on edge as I walk down the massive sidewalks and extra wide streets the cracks must be massive here because there are people who are houseless everwhere and with the snow that i’ve gone through leading to the rain in this city and they have nothing but time to sit and read and contemplate in the library and i try to talk to eligible while figuring out where to stay when finally I guess henry relents and affirms that I can visit and the bus ride is short and the walk is short but in my head it is very long because my pack is just slightly too heavy but i’d still like to think that i can tough it out even if the short walk is through houses that are curved and pink and henry’s house is full of things that are important and unorganized and thriving with an atmosphere that is unjudging and never uncomfortable because his parents are just what I expect being sweet sweet people who have deep tastes for amazing things and Henry has games which I delve into the american exceptionalism and play nonstop for a day because when I stay it turns out that the next day is filled with the rainy center of a snow doughnut then the day ends and the next is sunny and bright and chilly and I go to walk on and henry says no gods no medical directors, which I can understand his sentiment, I am excited to return in a month and a half’s time

the sun is bright and Austin picks me up and we listen to his hip hop creation beats that seem to match the scenery very well with the clouds mimicking his cold piano chords and the road and wind buffering the beat of the bass he takes me to santa rosa just to drive and see if his car can go and I give him a fiver because he was once a dj but now delivers discs of pizza

and hour of walking goes by walking down one of the saddest roads that I’ve ever seen with garbage on the sides that were one businesses lining the road and they are now husks hollowed out from the times of change that this city now no longer uses but it is okay because the bank is still on this road and it is very shiny and spiffy with its neon sign and then I get to the onramp

the truck that stops to pick me up is filled with chris and his dog robin and oh my gawd why did I not make the christopher robin connection before while riding with him in his truck alllllllllll the way to shreveport, he even lets me sleep in the sleeper because the night is going down to ten below freezing and our talks stop and start being pleasant even though we are two very differently motivated people who have very little in common and 16 hours is a long time to fill when you’re afraid of offending each other and the night came and went and I had dreams of Nightvale the radio show and the after party that was filled with dances that were spinning and a beautiful latin lady who spun and danced the flamenco while manipulating a puppet that was like watching it througha rotoscope and then its heart was revealed as I spun and spun and spun

Before too long we are in shreveport. but not before I was gifted a burger and many tiny dog pets and cuddles and perhaps I will be able to be back before long and even though I’ve made it so far it is evident that this journey is just beginning.

the time is now 16:48