Oh boy, well, the White Castle tree sit is gone, kindly cleaned up the Sheriff’s department.  Thankfully, the bond of words has hopefully kept the ripping, and tree tearing machines from the land, of course for now.  Because the one thing about defense. . . sooner or later things will be lining up to attack again.  Anywho, I’m really enjoying Catalina, hanging out with friends, going through an experimental phase ( y’know flirting with bitcoin and all that oo la la ), catching up on American Horror Story and Community. Enjoying the peace and quiet of the house without Dylan or Paul here, and the ability to actually have a conversation, not just be talked at.

Husband and histress really do have a nice quaint space that we’re doing our best to decorate with whatever art we decide to adorn the walls.  I don’t go outside much, because 1) I really have been outside an awful lot these past couple months.  2) Holy shit fuckin’ a the Sun and the dry.  3) My foot has been hurting for the past couple weeks.  Started rubbing St. John’s Wort, and a Balm with Comfrey in it on my foot.  Also some low stress stretching and calisthenic exercises. Hopefully it’ll heal in another couple weeks.

While watching the first part of the Halloween episode of this past seasons AHS, I typed out this quick little story. 


Heroes, Monsters and Victims
Sero was in love with Strem. Well, actually Ser, as Sero was called by Ser’s friends hated Strem because of its ability to have Smict’s heart or head, or whatever it was able and always seemed to get.
I know what you’re thinking, it’s the classic love triangle. Except, there is mutuality between the legs. Strem loves and hates Sero as much as Ser feels. Smict can’t help but be loved and in love.
If Sero is a good person, then Ser will overcome all right? Ser can penetrate Strem and win Smict its prize? Sero would do anything for Smict. And if Ser was a bad person then Strem would be defeated whether Smict wants it or not.
Strem, by design can only be good, at least as has been wrote in the past. But I think of Strem as just simply an incomplete person. As tragic as all figures can be and only a state that we all can inhabit. Strem could have once been a person, Strem might never have been, but it will always be forced to fight, win or lose, against Ser, for Smict.
And helpless Smict. How they feel like so many, and yet unable to grasp why they are also precious. Smict focuses on the difficulties and the trials they must face. Smict stands elegantly with their hands outstretched, and their eyes open.
Strem takes advantage and Sero is outraged. With passion and fire in the belly Ser strikes, defends or prevents what he can, in Ser’s own way. Strem’s jaws are powerful, its teeth and chatter unrelenting, it is better at this than Ser is, but it is not guaranteed to be the best.
Smict is stolen, or stolen from, treated as an object even though they are a person. Smict is also loved and hated by Sero could-you-not-tell? Smict is always loved or hated. If they could only see how easy it is to love or hate, if they could only find it in themselves to take action.
Because the secret is that Sero is just one step from being the monster. Strem is a victim because it doesn’t have anything to loose. Smict can be the hero, all they need to do is just choose.  And of course, I could be completely, barking, backwards.