Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted last and you’re probably thinking, is he dead? Has he been arrested? Has he given up his vagabond life?  And to all three I say, not yet. I have been a crazy person living in the woods, trying to prevent some trees from being cut down.  Hooray for native forests!  But I’ve also been doing cool stuff like collecting mushrooms and reading lots of sci-fi and building tarp structures and watching sunsets from the tops of trees.

While I’m at a computer though, what I’m going to try to do is type out a few quick posts, then schedule them for timed release like one of those fancy pills that the kids are usin’ now a days.  I’m painting and cooking and most playing video games now, but I do hope to return to the woods soon, more about that later.

Anywho, this story takes place before last season. ( Muahahaha you shall not defeat my vague specifics! )

This is a story about the events surrounding my first train hop.

The names have been changed for no real good reason, but I felt like it anyway.

Part 1: Clear Across Nebraska

Got dropped off in Cheyenne by two younger truckers.  Showered, fed, putting up with my incessent origamiing and most importantly they had just taken me clear across Nebraska.  I met up with them just after I got a ride from outside Council Bluffs in the wrong direction for a couple hours. Wolfy was a trainee trucker that I met up with outside the gas station while I was partaking in the guilty pleasure of a hotdog topped with relish and ketchup.  What it lacks in nutrients, it makes up for with delicious beef mental pick-me-up. As Wolfy and I chatted, Scogey, his trainer, walked up and they were ready to go.

But as their conversation continued, where were they going to go? Something about certifications, trainee statuses, and licenses is what passed through the communication. What I understood, was that it was about bureaucracy.  They reached agreement on something and later on Scogey told me that he’s never picked up any hitchhikers before.  Wolfy seems like he’s always willing to pick ’em up; he also has been raised in a survivalist lifestyle so he can pretty much handle himself.  Apparently his grandfather has killed a bear with just a knife. I meet the coolest people.

I hope to meet up with them again, in time. There was a funny moment when we had just finished our fast food at the truck stop in Cheyenne, when Scogey paused and waited for me to follow them back to the truck.  “I guess I just got used to you coming along, ” he said.Wolfy and I poked fun at him a bit, and we said our good-byes.  Since crossing the Mississippi the land has become more golden with a flatness that always seems to be broken by a hill or even a mountain, but they are always in the distance. Wolfy and I chatted while Scogey drove. I tried hanging out with Scogey for a bit a couple of times, but he is a reticent person.   Instead he was more than willing to express his dislike for the electronic log screen that was his tech overseer for the trip.

We left Des Moines and drove for a couple hours then we stopped and ate at the same gas station that I was at the previous day.  Things like this have been happening the entire time I’ve been travelling. I hung out mostly with Wolfy, we talked about the outdoors, his fiance, video games and defense techniques. We slept, well I tried to sleep because there were only two beds in the truck and I tucked into the passenger seat.  We ate at a diner and talked about the rest stop out there somewhere that’s entirely chrome. I got to hide in the back while they exchanged freight with another driver.

When we got to Cheyenne, we did laundry, then trundled across the street to take showers, the reason for this was something about tokens. Of course, it’s about that time when the leak was noticed.  It looked reddish, and they opened up the hood and I got to see a truck engine.  After figuring out exactly what was wrong with the engine, they notified the boss on the phone and made arrangements to take the truck to the shop.  So, we showered away and I took my stuff to the restaurant.  I apparently was the first to finish, even though it felt like I took a really long shower and scrubbed everything squeaky.  Wolfy was out next, and we chatted some more. He asked if I was hungry, and I always can eat so we got some food and waited for Scogey to finish his shower.  Scogey’s hair was wet, and when it was dry, and they had already stood,  I thanked them, in the most embarrassing way possible, which was out loud, as they headed back to the truck.

The sun was setting and the sky was already a pinkish orange as I watched that big red and white beast roar down the road away from the highway.  The air was becoming cool as I smoked a cigarette that I had bummed from the furiously typing dude, in the booth behind me. There was the smell of gasoline and french fries.  I didn’t know I was going to spend a night and half a day in Cheyenne Wyoming, so I decided to look for another ride.