Hey everyone, still in Eugene and boy it sure is soggy here. The SLEEPS campaign seems to be going well, and I also hung out with Occupy Medical yesterday, they do a clinic in Downtown every Sunday.  They have MDs, Herbalists, and various Nurses on staff .  There is even a place for people to get a haircut.  They’ve been doing this for two years and last February they just got a bus.

Anywho, here’s a poem:


The Little Web Jumper’s Reprise


The little web jumper was not taken aback,

He was not sad, or mad.

He just turned away, facing the world so spacious.

Then he turned back with a smile sagacious.

He said with a voice that was warm,

“I always intended to be gracious.

I like your little web, the builders are tenacious.

They struggle and strive to face

Problems that I’ve seen faced before.

So, take just a thread

Not for my sake but for the others in my web.

Which, because it is made of other little webs,

I can guarantee, that it will be bigger than yours.

But I know that webs don’t always connect like they should

Or as you’d expect.

So I hope I’ve offered at the very least

A bit of entertainment

For your nightly feasts.

It’s willingly given and willingly taken

I am all you describe,

Web Jumper, Builder and Parasite.

I want to see all of the little webs of the world.

Because my little web is starting to burn,

Or perhaps it has been burning for generations that have not known.

So, please, It is just a single thread so tenuous,

But whether I thread a parachute or a net,

I want to save Web Jumpers and Builders and of course even the Parasites.

Because the connections we make are more valuable than all of the little webs in this world.”

And then the web jumper turned, for he listened to me and mine and I had listened to his.

A single thread left in his wake.