So, I’m here in Eugene, where’s it’s cloudy and there are a lot of street kids.  Pete, from the Walkupy Marches has been showing me around.  So, far the West Coast has been a complicated affair, but there are lots of really really nice people.  I can’t help but feel a gentle touch of not paranoia, but stand offishness from the people I’ve been meeting.  Cynicism seems to have deep roots here despite all of the lovely support networks I’ve seen.  So, I’m hopefully gonna stay here for a couple days/weeks while I catch up on writing and painting and all the stuff that I haven’t really had the urge to do because I’ve been a bit brainblocked.  And, because the experiences of the last couple days have been a bit. . . well, “Sometimes when things suck, that’s how you know you’re on an adventure.” (-Delyla)


Here’s a haiku:

Wind waits patiently.

A stone becomes grains of sand

Under its breezes.