Got two items today, a stream and a poem that I just wrote while here in sunny Missoula. And a stream of conciousness after thinking about the notes I wrote for the day of travel. 

The local time is 17:04

The gateway to the west

The color is just touching the clouds as I wake up. I’m not too far behind one of the mcmansions and my legs are very itchy. The cloud of mosquitoes lifts into the air as a gentle rainfall quickly ends. It’s as if the world has a natural alarm clock for me. The sky turns vibrant pinks and golds as I walk out behind the line of little boxes on this hillside and the yapping of a tiny dog startles the suburban housewife cooking dinner.nI give a friendly wave, but I never see her reaction because I’m already at the road.

After a short stop in one of the gas stations I wait besides the road, then I think about the timing of cars and expressions and go to the other entrance which is on a curve and people will be able to have more than 30 seconds to size me up as they speed by. It takes about an hour and the threat of rain for a truck to pull over.

Carlo is a hispanic gentleman who has had an interesting past. He lived with his parants who had a lucrative bait and tackle shop, until most of his family was arrested for poaching fish. Not the boil in a steamer kind of way but illegal kind of way. He goes to st louis from kentucky just about everyday, so I am really fortunate thathe picked me up and I am excited that I finally am going in the right direction.
They found the truck much later stripped bare on the way to Miami. No sign of the Chocolate, whichmis a lot more expensive tha you think.

He has two kids and used to be husband to their mom. They are still friends even she’s suspected in a chocolate caper by the rest of his family. A few years ago he was working for a company in floridathat just got a contract with Hersheys, and he would leave his truck at the McDonald’s that his kid’s mother was a manager at. He left his load of chocolate there because that was h7s home, and there were cameras, but just as a storm knocked out those cameras the load was stolen.