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Farm of dreams

Clara is Garth’s step mom, she is polite and quiet but has a sharp tongue that would cut you to the bone if you gave her reason to. She also has a loom and when I saw it I exclaimed how much I always wanted to learn to use a loom. Ron is overjoyed that the loom would get to see some use because to him it has just been a space waster and that is saying something because all over their house are cool and frankly useless things but that does not counter the awesomeness, toy robots, native american carvings and plush figures, whittled hobo art, polished statues of animals a gemstone plant. Clara gives me lots of different spools of thread, bobbins and a video tape, one that actually goes in the vcr and the lady instructor on it is so very eighties.

The first day of weaving involves watch in g the video and measuring out the warp thread which is such a cool term, and then after wrapping the thread around the warp board over a hundred times, when I pull it off it tangles. The difference between a tangle and a knot is that you do not need to pull a open end through a loop, a tangle just needs to be worked through. The pretty tangle takes about nine hours to solve.  The scarf I create is a mixture of patterns and I switch back and forth between rainbow thread and green thread. It takes about 3 days for me to do and when I am finished Inshow it off to everyone then give it to Sarah because I dont think my husband gets her enough pretty things.

While I am doing that I also stain a good portion of the house, I can feel now that Ron is probably cursing my mistakes and grumbling about how he’ll have to fix them. But sometimes I worry too much about these things, we also go out about the town, to see places where Garths wprked and where he went to school and to drop off things he has accumulated and wants to donate. He tells me of places where he’s found tragedy in that light hearted way and it ks refresh in g not hearing any normal facts like the history of the town. We visit his sister and I also get a glimpse of his other siblings when we have cake and ice cream in celebration of his neice’s birthday, and a few more things about him make sense. 

When we leave the farm I say goodbye to the dogs and Clara and will remember the amazingness of the place. Ron is headed toward a car show and the ride is hot and I am a bit dazed and sad that this is where I will part ways with Sara and Garth. We hug and shake hands and I am not good at goodbyes just as much as I know they are. There are pictures and then I am waiting in Burnt Prarie alone. I think about the ride earlier in the week in Ron’s green roadster model A with the top down. Through the beautiful forest.

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