While wandering the streets of council bluff, unable to find a suitable place to sleep, I worked on this poem. Eventually I decided to just walk outside the city, about 3 oclock in the morning I found a gap in the corn feild on the other side of the train tracks that were not visible from the roads or the freight train. I set up my tent and worked on it some more. Then on the badass ride from Des Moines to Cheyenne I finished it. I was feeling a little bad when I started it, but it’s not meant to be negative, just kinda pointy.

The Sharp End

There is a difference between this world and the next,
Seperated by a line, edge and sharp end.
There is a difference between these feelings.
To tell you a truth among lies
Is as the rose surrendered and surrounded by barbs.
Is there nothing more beautiful than the name Concertina wire?

If I kissed you with a forked tongue,
Bit into your arteries with my fangs,
Coiled, enveloped and engulfed everything
That I desired about you.
Syringes threading the knit veins,
The order doesn’t matter,
Only the mixture of pleasure and pain.
Can I claim it is in my nature?

I can promise you that my venom is everything you need.
Because any poison can be replaced by panacea.
But the right dose is like threading the eye of a needle with only your teeth.
There are differences sheathed in seed
And how they seethe and bleed
Between this world and the next.
There are feelings that the fabric
Has frayed, impaled by the arrow of time
Spraying the vitals of the serpent
As beautiful music in a ring
Of barbed wire around the rose.
Doesn’t the truth hurt?