Stopped after finally getting further out of Kansas City, in a place called Mound City, and they say city, but pop is just a bit over 1100, so city? Really? And the people here sure do have judgy eyes, it could also be my pack, they also have not returned a single smile, and I’m literally the only non caucasion in this entire building. Oh well, on with the experiment!

The time is now 12:12

The Kiser Farm

Walking with Sarah and Garth again is like a shovel digging dirt. Despite the messy soundi ng metaphor it is also the most accurate. There is something about each heavy step that makes me feel good about life. We walk and talk about our observations. Sarah remarks about how satisfying the sky is, but then we do something completely new to me. Well, not new new, mjust new new new. Waiting for a ride with them is fun. Garth finds a golf ball and launches itnusing a reflector strip on the side of the road. Sarah mentions that they have a set ofnrules for those that would not pick us up. And calls them out as each driver passes us by, “No pretendi ng we’re not here!” At the next place, Garth torments sarah with a cattail while I play around a bit with her new ukelele. What ancool instrument. After we spend the night at the rest area where we’ve ended up we start to sing aboutngetting a ride to Effingham. Genius lyrics like “For christmas dinner we’d like some f-ing ham” get a ride not only just to our requested destination, but all the way to where garth’s dad picks us up.

Ron is a tall thin man with white hair and has a jovial tone to his voice and critical words on his lips. He has a horticulture degree I believe and it was fun to pick his brain even if only briefly. I mostly doze on the way to the farm. Two dogs yaps and yip at us as we pull in, and the older black one stinks as much as thenyounger gray one has energy enough to spin in circles, but it was enough that they have really expressive faces. We go on the tour, the main house with a wonderful sun room, the two gardens where I learned that Sarah loves blackberries, because she said so and not because of a stain on her face or anything. There was also a barn with an amish quilt star pattern on the side of it reminding me of PA. And the pond where frogs shout’ erp!’ followed by a sploosh when you walk too close. And then th ere is a lot filled with 50 or 100 oldstyle cars of makes and models that anyone who knew anyth in g about cars would be able to tell you. Yeah Garth grew up here, and how could I forget about the trampoline.

The time is now 12:33

Wellthere’s another stream, and it’s a little frustrating that I could go on more about the farm, or the adventure getting there, but maybe theynwill come in time. See you at the next stop!