Hi everybody, so glad to see you, in preparation for the next couple posts, and my ongoing quest to find, or create, or have and share a new idea that will be a factor in changing the world for the better. and the survival of the human race, I have introduced a new category. (We all gotta start somewhere.)

So, there are times in my existence where I don’t necessarily trust everything that my senses are telling me.  Or I’m on the outskirts of proper concious thinking ( there’s a joke in there somewhere ), like inebriation, or sleep depravation. . . hell even too much caffeine has an interesting affect.  But anyway, at these times, there are things that happen where I have no clear memory, so no choice but to make up a story around it. It is a dangerous place where a lot of people seem to inhabit. where perception and observation are blurred beyond even recognition of each other. So if I am in doubt about differentiating between the two, then it’s probably going to end up in this category.


It seems silly, because I don’t think anyone pays attention to the categories, and I don’t know if it’s any better sort them or not, or if I should call attention to the differences. And then I remember that this is my blog, and these are my words. . . (that are technically copyrighted to wordpress) and this new category, blog? are posts that are truths wrapped up around story. It might make it a good story, but more often they’re just as weird as dreams. I suppose descriptions of those would go in here. Oh boy, this is gonna be a fun category.

If that doesn’t help. then it’s kinda like:


Everything I post will in this particular Category have been true.

Except maybe that last line I just typed.

Or it could be this line where I don’t really say anything.


So, enjoy the new category, Blog?


And wordpress doesn’t think its valid to be questioning about your categories.  So, enjoy the new category, F-log! I never been into it before, but I do hope I enjoy F-logging to everyone who visits this site.




(I haven’t seen it recently, but wasn’t Inception a great movie? Man it made my head pop. )