So, interesting things are a brewin’ in Texas.  I’ve since been unable to get to a computer and haven’t had the urge to write. I still don’t have the urge to write, so we’ll see how this goes.  To be as close to recent as possible, these are a couple of stories that I’m going to have to write about later.  The RNC was a bit hurricanesque, filled with super-nice ( creepy ) Fuzz and the DNC was a city in a cage there is an idea that the police state is trying to demoralize the protest out of people rather than traumatize.  It won’t work, but at least I didn’t have to deal with head injuries.

After those I took about a week to console my really good friend Wil when he lossed his Mom.  I stayed with him and his family, ate a bunch of meat, and made a sarcastic comment here and there.  Apparently that helped because I am now committed to return for the Holidays.

The Climbing Camp in Ohio was awesome, I had never learned so much in a week and I have the knowledge to build things and hang them from stuff and climbing ropes to tall places.  Sitting in a dream catcher hanging about fifty feet above the ground, supported by just ropes and little bits of metal and the branch of a White Oak, I came to realize that I can actually do anything I want to, if I work hard and learn a bit.  Not the fake hard work of being a hamster on a wheel, spinning away at the heart of a cog in a large structured machine that rips the earth away, but the hard work of communicating with people, and venturing out into the world, discovering and learning.

Speaking of learning, there’s this thing, called the Tar Sands Blockade.  It’s happening right now in Texas in defiance of a company called TransCanada.  I remember about a  year or two ago, ( before I walked away ) there was something called the Keystone XL pipeline.  Now, the stuff that’s supposed to go through the pipeline is called bitumen, a thick black substance the consistency of peanut butter.   This is going to be heated up and sent at high pressure through a 3 foot wide diameter pipe through the heart of America from Cushing OK, down to the Gulf through Texas.
Okay, so here are the issues.  Pipelines have always leaked, this one is going through some particularly delicate ecosystems and some of the only sources of water for entire towns.  A leak can only be detected if the total pressure in the pipe drops 5%.  Oh and hey, here’s an article that I just googled from last year on how much a detected leak can spill.
Diesel from bitumen is also one of the dirtiest things to burn, in fact, you can’t use it in the US so the Tar Sands are just going to be exported anyway so that a private company from Canada can make a whole lot more money.  TransCanada has also been given the privilege of Eminent Domain which means that people who don’t want a foreign oil company building stuff on their land, can’t really do anything about it.  I’ve met the people who are directly affected by this and they are pissed.  And of course the imagery of a fuse to the carbon bomb is powerful, in a world where climate change is real and the earth is heating up, it’s clear to me that the world will go on, but humanity may be choked out.


This southern part of the pipeline that we are blockading is the last conduit to keeping the Tar Sands landlocked. It’s like keeping the tar genie in the bottle and prevent it from covering our world in a thick black smoke.   I’m not a superhero, though that would be a really cool superheroey type of thing to do, but I also believe that if we get as many people and as much support as possible, then this black ooze can be stopped.  That’s all I really have the patience for writing right now, got a lot of stuff to do today, sorry if this post is kinda preachy but I’ve really invested my mind into to thinking about this stuff.  Perhaps a long meditative vacation is due.  I’m thinking somewhere I can see the sun through leaves and feel the wind on my face.  Yeah, that would be nice.