The Universe is big, really really big, I mean you may think it’s a long way down to the chemist’s. . .

So, there was this protest march called, “Occupy The Highway” it happened from NY, down to DC.  It was my introduction to activism.  I continued walking from DC to Atlanta, now rebranded “Walkupy”, and on that march I realized that I actually was an activist. Atlanta to Chicago had me meandering in an out of states of usefulness and helplessness. It was a tempering experience that was instrumental in preparing me for the events in Chicago at a little gathering call the NATO summit.  I have seen what a Police State can look like, and it’s dangerously easy to enact.

And during that time, Chicago Action Medical held the Spreading the Health conference which started with an intensive 20 hour  Street Medic training.  Street Medics are people who are willing to offer first aid, and beyond care to Protests, whether they be Occupations or Direct Action or plain old Demonstrations such are marches or Street Theatre.  Normally this is an overlooked aspect of carrying out one’s Freedom of Speech, but since the recent rise in police brutality towards peaceful protesters, it has become necessary for individuals to step up and help heal those that are wounded during or injured in one of these expressions.

So, I’m Turtle, Activist, Walkupier, Street Medic, and this is some of the stuff that I write.